Difference between website development and web design at SEO Dresden

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Most digital marketing agencies offer website development and web design service. These two products help in the digital marketing of your product. But people generally get confused between website development and web design and use the terms interchangeably. But, it shouldn’t be the case. Here, we will discuss in detail website development and how it is different from web design.

What is website development?

In simple words, website development can be described as the process of creating applications and tools to run on web browsers. all the websites are dependent on the server they are created on. To explain and understand web development in detail, we need to understand the history of website development.

History of website development

History plays a crucial role in understanding the course of deployment in website designing and website development. Analysing the history will help in understanding the difference between Website development and web designing.

Website development has a history of static web pages and navigation hyperlinks. Back in the day, website developers created static web pages and those web pages were further leaned with hyperlinks. The initial design of the website was just for information and there were zero scopes of interaction for interaction or entertainment.

Computer-generated image or CGI was the backbone of website development. CGI helped in the generation of HTML. CGI generated HTML was the product of data sent by the browser to the server. With technological advancement, ASP and ColdFusion took over CGI. ColdFusion and ASP mixed markups and special tags.

With further development, JavaScript took over. The newer applications on desktops are much faster and are readily available. Similar to JavaScrip, CSS helped in the evolution of the web development process. With the help of CSS, it was easier to style and change the content of the web for developers.

These days web development has been simplified. For instance, the Chrome operating system of Google is a fine example of a web-based OS. Moreover, cloud-based technology is taking over the scene in the current times. Web platforms have gained their popularity in the present times due to the convenience they offer to the users. one of the finest examples is WordPress. WordPress is a website development service. Websites are developed on WordPress with the help of JS libraries. This automated website formation has made life easier these days. Everyone can get a website for their business or brand to level up their presence by opting SEO Dresden.

Website development technology

There are several technologies that are useful for website development or the development of applications. The most common technology for website development is CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. We have discussed the functioning of these three website development technology.

HTML is nothing but a series of tags that are codified to properly define different components, layouts, formats and other technicalities of the website. HTML can help in the smooth running of any form of web development. HTML can be clubbed with CSS and JavaScript to develop advanced features on a website.

So, in the current situation, the web content is handled differently. At the time of development HTML, text care about the content and the styling is done by CSS. Moreover, a small set of CSS is enough to style an entire web application or website. These days web content and styling are handled differently during development at digital marketing agencies. HTML handles the content and CSS styles it.

JavaScript is a programming language. JavaScript enables its user to manipulate the web pages. Moreover, JavaScript can be used to alter the structure of the website or change the style of the website. The entire model of the website can be manipulated using JavaScript.

Web Design

Web designing is a very simpler concept if compared to web development. As its name suggests, web designing is the process of creating designs or styling the idea of the website. Web design is very crucial for websites. The design of the website forms the face value of the website. More, web designers for the base of the website. They formulate the design of the website as per the requirements and then web developers go-ahead to develop the website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The web design is the layout of the webpage. It is used to fir developing User Experience (UX) for the webpage.

The Web designers first understand the scope of the website. The scope of the website includes the focus and purpose mentioned by the client. They properly analyse the features and other important highlights briefed by the client to prepare the initial draft of the Web design. After the final approval from the client, SEO Dresden designs the final layout with all the intricacies.


Both website developers and web design have a crucial role in building a website. But there are certain distinctive differences with the set both the fields are different from each other. The breakdown of the difference is:

  • Web designers focus on the design, layout, and usability of the website. They don’t dive into the technical aspects. On the other hand, website developers dive into the scene to build the website based on the layout given by the web designer.
  • The ideas, features and layout given by the client are conceptualised and analysed by the web designer to create a draft design. It includes the UX, UI and visual components of the website.
  • Website development requires trained professionals to develop a website. There are several programming languages that are used to create a website. Web developers must have a stronghold on programming languages. Hence, more technical details are involved in website development over Web designing.
  • For web development, website developers use several programs and tools. These programs and tools include frameworks and libraries. It even includes code versioning and issue tracking platforms (Jira and GitHub). They even hold FTP and CMSs and host control panels.
  • On the other hand, web designs are made on editing software. You can contact to the best Software Development Company for customization. The design editing software is WordPress (CMS) and Photoshop. Web designers even use a website builder such as Elementor and Wireframing as well as prototyping

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