So, you bought a new car? Wow, that’s amazing! Okay, now, do you want to have something magical to save that glossy paint forever? Had you asked this ten years ago, the answer would have been disheartening. But things have been changing since. Have you seen those people flaunting their two-year-old cars still looking like a new racehorse, and ever Wondered how that could happen?  Well, you should get the ceramic coatings Newcastle for your new vehicle.

What Is This ‘Ceramic Coating’?

The ‘Ceramic Coating’ is about the 9H Ceramic technology. From its initial development in the oil and space industry, it found its way into the automobile industry. Thanks to its usefulness, it became a benchmark of paint protection in the industry. So, what does this 9H Ceramic coating do?

Well, the easiest way to understand its functions are –

  • The ceramic coating adds a second layer of protection, covering your car’s paint coat. 
  • The coating utilizes ‘nanotechnology,’ thus making the layer too thin to be visible with bare eyes.
  • When this coating is applied to your car’s paint, the tiny particles of the layer seal every pore present there. 
  • As the pores are shut down, the surface becomes hydrophobic, i.e., water repellent. 
  • Besides that, it also becomes resistant to UV rays, chemicals, extreme heat, etc.

4 Real-Time Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection

Every time you take your car outside, you expose it to various contaminants. Contaminants like UV rays can deplete the paint due to oxidation. So, every day when you park your car outside under the sun, the colors fade gradually.

However, you can save your car from fading, oxidation, or chemical staining with a ceramic coating. The ceramic coating provides a rugged and robust protective surface over your car’s body. Choose the more innovative way to protect your vehicle today.


Should you expect your car to survive accidents after getting a ceramic coating? No. But even then, there’s more than what you should expect. Your vehicle becomes more durable and resistant to physical hazards with a ceramic coating. How?

Think of everyday scratches that you aren’t even responsible for. Or, what about flying objects like stone chips during bad weather days? You cannot avoid them. So, you should find a way to defend your car. As a top layer, ceramic coating takes all the biffs and blows.

Easy Cleaning

Dirt, mud, and other particles do not stick on your car anymore when installing a ceramic coating. The ceramic coating repels them back. Thus, it also becomes easier for you to clean your vehicle. Especially if you live in a muddy, dry or dusty area, washing your car becomes a headache. 

Even washing your car becomes much more convenient when you have a ceramic coating. Also, dry stains of water are no longer going to deplete that image of your vehicle. Sure, you still need to clean your car if you want it always to look brand new. It’s just that the repelling power of the ceramic coating lessens your efforts.

No More Waxing

Many new car owners go for waxing and buffing their vehicles. But, for how long? Waxing tends to deplete no more than a month. If you are from a bad weather condition or a dusty area, cut that to just a week. And there you are again set for taking your car to the wax station. 

Do you know the best way out of this is? Go and give your car a ceramic coating today. You get all the benefits of waxing your vehicle from a ceramic coating. And that also, you can safeguard your vehicle for more than two years.

The Conclusion

If you have a new car, your plan is simple. You want your vehicle to be forever young, don’t you? Ceramic coatings in Newcastle provide the most cost-effective solution to satisfy that. So, are you ready to play it smart?