The serious agenda around the cannabis

There cannot be any debate about the fact that out of the many highly regulated and much-in-demand things that you shall find in the world, cannabis is surely one of them. Even though a few countries have eased the law a little bit on the consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes (to stop its illegal trade and consumption by minors), yet, some issues around it have still remained. Along with the social acceptability and the consumption of cannabis and its products, it has been found that like many other countries, in the United States too many are found driving on the road under the influence of cannabis.

Cannabis impairment detection

Even though the law officers have been trained well and have been trying their best to detect suspected motor vehicle drivers on the road to check if they have been driving under the influence of alcohol or cannabis yet there have been many drawbacks. The data have not been correct as it was suspected to have been. There have been various reasons behind it. And out of them, one of the most common things was the lack of a device that would accurately detect a driver without fail if he has been driving the vehicle under the influence of cannabis.

This indeed has become a thing of concern more and more each day as the question was being raised on the credibility of the officer on duty. In spite of his doing the job to the best of his abilities many people who were driving under the influence of cannabis went unnoticed and later caused road accidents. In order to stop this and help law officials with a much easier and dependable cannabis impairment detection, Gaize, Inc. has introduced in the market the Gaize video evidence device.

Gaize, Inc.

If you go by the report, you shall be shocked to learn that drug-impaired drivers have become more prevalent over the years.

  • A study that has been made in 2014 revealed that 20% of nighttime drivers during the weekends have been detected having drugs in their system
  • This has got increased by 48% in 2007
  • In these reports it has been found that about 13% of them were in their teens and the rest 5% drove drunk

To help in bringing control over this alarming situationGaize, Inc. hasdeveloped a device that shall help law enforcement officials accurately find out the active cases of cannabis impairment. They understand how important it is to run the impairment detection but sadly the current methods of impairment testing are very subjective producing no data. To help in resolving this issue the makers have brought out Gaize which shall be able to deliver a detailed analysis of drug impairment and also produce automated video evidence of drug recognition by conducting an expert test of the eyes. Currently, this device is only available for law enforcement officials.

Gaize automated drug recognition eye test

This device automatically runs the expert eye tests that a law enforcement officer does in order to check your consumption of drugs. It conducts this test using a headset that consists of binocular cameras having a high resolution that records the movement of the eyes throughout the test. It then produces irrefutable video evidence of the same as well. Although this is such a helpful and innovative device still it has been priced within the limits of the budget so that a better and safer community can be created.  The main aim of the company is to provide a robust, simple, and affordable device to society.

Tests conducted by Gaize

  • It detects if the eye movement lacks smooth pursuit
  • Sustained and distinct nystagmus over maximum deviation
  • Nystagmus over horizontal gaze at 45 degrees
  • Observation of nystagmus gaze vertically
  • Convergence lack
  • Rebound dilation of pupils

These automated tests are sure to provide accurate results more quickly and efficiently. This machine conducts the DRE eye tests following the training manual each time. So, the reports are sure to be accurate as well.  The company understands that it is indeed a very challenging situation for the offer when such cases are taken up to the court and questions are raised on his credibility. To resolve this issue this eye-testing device conducts tests in a manner that brings out more evidence and eventually leads to a fair judgment as well.

It helps to give objective and subjective evidence to law officials and makes the convictions secure. In the past, the jury had asked for evidence of data from body cams, cell phone videos, and dash cams as well in order to back such assertations. Now, this shall be more objectively done using this Gaize eye-testing device providing unfiltered accurate video evidence of drug impairment on the suspect. This device not only is applicable for law enforcement officers but also for businesses as well. it ensures to give government level security that can be audited easily.

A few other important highlights

This device eliminates all sorts of errors and provides an evidence-based report. Since one cannot have control over the behavior of his eyes, so this test is sure to bring results that are accurate and unquestionable. In the past, there have not been any data provided behind making such arrests of the suspects. Now it deals with such situations fairly and provides accurate data too behind the arrest.

Furthermore to that, this device also helps you to get the files of your test results downloaded from anywhere and at any time as well. all these data are saved and stored securely in the Government level security system that is unique to each customer. There is also a daily backup conducted for the security and safety of it even in worst-case situations as well.

The manufacturers believe in developing trust and so all these tests and video results are made a few centimeters from the eyes. It makes the accurate readings so that you are able to have the correct data while putting a charge on someone for causing an offense. This indeed gives a fair chance to both the accused and the accuser.