The youth has a brand new platform where they could be themselves and can be confident about it. I am talking about social media and its influence on the youth lately. No matter what you wish to say about it. No matter what your personal reviews and complaints are regarding social media. You just can not deny that it has given a lot of young people the recognition they deserve. Not, everyone you meet can be an extrovert. Some people do not open up with people easily. They find it hard to talk or even do basic interaction with people face to face.

But, social media has given them a chance and certainly a platform where they could be what they want to be. And can share their life and maybe their take on life as for that matter. I mean it is easier to be in front of a camera than to be in front of people for many. Social media might have its demerits but what it provides to the youth is incredible. Within the social media scene, some certain platforms and apps provide a bit more to young people. Instagram is one of them. And it would not be wrong to say that Instagram is going to be the biggest social media platform in few years so to say.

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It is a platform that has given a chance to everyone to show who they really are. People would hesitate to be their real selves in front of people. But, quite certain they might be a bit more open and comfortable to do the same on Instagram. A lot of introverts in this pandemic became overnight sensations. A lot of them have gone viral. Instagram is an app with a lot of different features. A lot of different ways you get to show yourself and even your talent as for that matter. Reels, IGTV, posts, etc are few things through which you can create content and can entertain millions of people. And trust me this is not an overstatement when I say you get to interact with millions.

Because quite certainly this would happen the moment you go viral. You might need to get some likes to go viral but the second you manage to go viral, your life could even change to be very honest. Trust me, this is all very much the truth.

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The major problem someone could have with a platform like Instagram is that the grind is hard. I mean the rewards are amazing, but the initial effort and grind would be quite something. If it would be easy then anyone could have done it. But, if you think you have something special. If you think that your talent needs to reach a lot of people. Then, there is no platform better than Instagram for that so to say. Likes are something you need to take care of to be fair. It is not easy to get likes. People would continuously keep on posting content. Still might not get the likes they deserve.

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The thing is that if you wish to grow organically then you need to be posting quality content at a constant rate. I mean no matter what you are doing, initially, you got to be consistent. Otherwise, it is very hard to grow on this platform. Although, there is always a shortcut. No matter what you doing or what you want to do. Trust me you will find easier ways to achieve heights. Although a certain investment would be required to achieve it to be fair. But the end product would be very pleasing trust me on this. The Internet has really evolved over the years. Every issue has a solution. You want likes then you can now even buy real Instagram likes as for that matter.

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