“Please do like, comment and share”.

Place your thumb on the post, tap it twice; a “Red heart appears” and it’s done. Move onto next post and do the same to like. To like a post conveys that you appreciate our work and we stay motivated.

You must have frequently come across this line. “Please like, comment and share”

Instagram likes:

Here let us talk about what is the meaning of the word “Like”. When you adore something, love it, or relish in it then you say that you liked it. When you like something, there comes an “Expressing factor”. That can be done either by words, facial expressions, body language, or any means of communication. Let us imagine, if Instagram did not have any feature of liking a particular post, reel or any IGTV- to motivate our skills. What would be the impact or drawback of that application? How would we express our emotions?


You have to text the person to inform your opinion on that picture or video. That would be time-consuming, wouldn’t it be? Hence, we will stay unaware of whether the viewers liked it or no… and also, it’d be difficult to keep a track of it. So, to overcome this problem and making it convenient the creators of Instagram and other social media platforms added a feature of liking our posts, for Instagram it is called Instagram Likes”. A viewer in seconds just taps the screen. That small heart does the rest of the work. It conveys the message that you liked that post. As appreciation is the best motivation, it encourages users to share their stuff more on social platforms. You can also buy instagram followers cheap for widening the reach.

Instagram has become an important part of its user’s life; many people are addicted to it. Now it’s a race. They just run after likes and buy followers(comprare follower). The importance of likes is much more than the content they post. Most of the stuffs on Instagram is interesting but as “Light brings dark Shadow with it”, similarly some users post disappointing and rubbish content.

Social Media Influencer

You must have heard the word “Social Media Influencer”. Talking about what an influencer actually does, so it is someone who has the power to affect the decisions, thoughts, and opinions on any subject of a person. An influencer should have the ability and skills to lead properly. Sadly, now the influencer is one with more Instagram likes and popularity. They are mostly young adults or teens. They might not be having much knowledge and experience. These influencers can affect the youth. They can divert the youth which can destroy the future and life of future generation.

Many a times, “Give and Take System “also function for Instagram likes. The normal users with 200-300 followers and a similar number of following mostly follow this. It’s a scheme where “If you like my post then only I will like yours”.  It has nothing related to whether you adore or love the post or not. It’s just about a tap-on screen that will be done only if that user tapped on your post. It is just a formality with no motive.

I’d now like to conclude with ” No matter how many people like you and your work, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like yourself So, adore yourself. If you are an Instagram user, then don’t worry about Instagram likes. Be confident, enjoy life to the fullest. First, give a red heart to yourself, and here’s a red heart for you, from my side.