The Botto is the generative artist, which is governed or authorized by the community. The botto community is a website consisting of decentralized artists.

Art galleries are also available online in this modern world. Normally art galleries are large and spacious, where the wall is filled with many artworks. However, that’s not the case in today’s world. The art is the same but, the platform of presenting the art is different.

The experience of the art gallery is different in today’s world. The sole reason for the advancement is to make art more accessible to the common people. These are the block-chained art galleries aims at helping the novice artist, which will help them to get more recognition around the world. If you are one of those artists, then you can check out

Combining the art and a blockchain is a relatively new idea. You might have never heard about it, but it is quite a fresh concept. We are here to provide you with a detailed guide on decentralized art and the website Botto.

Botto is made of a generative artist, which is governed by a community. The botto is the website, which creates 50 art pieces weekly. They present these pieces to the community, and they together will take crucial decisions. These art pieces together are considered as a series. The individual piece is called as fragments and the fragments together becomes a series.

The community of the botto website will vote on these art fragments. The votes are based on the individual preference of the community members. The community will vote according to their definition of aesthetically pleasing art. Collectively, the votes will be used as feedback for the participants. It is also used by Botto‘s generative algorithm. This will conclude with the decisions of the next series of art. The Botto will create art, which is governed and guided by the community.

Once a week, the Botto will take one fragment and submit it for the auction at super rare. While one auction is held, the botto community will prepare for the next series. Hence, the cycle of creating series and auctions continuously.

At the present, over the 52 weeks, the 52 art pieces are accordingly scheduled.

How to get started with the Botto website 

Getting started with the botto is not that complicated. However, it requires some knowledge about cryptocurrency like the Ethereum blockchain. It might sound difficult, but the below-given guide will help you in clearing some concepts. These are some general steps that you need to follow the set up the account on Botto.

  • You have to find a reliable Ethereum wallet. The wallet needs to be reliable and easy to use.
  • You have to fund that wallet with Ethereum.
  • You have to get botto tokens to start becoming a decentralized artist
  • You can buy the stakes (deposits) to get the botto tokens on the botto application.
  • Lastly, you can vote for your favorite art

These steps are easy and won’t take more than 30 minutes. It is better to use a desktop or laptop to set up your account rather than using mobile.

Ethereum Wallet 

Most of the botto mechanisms are based on Ethereum. Hence, you must have good knowledge and should be able to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. You cannot participate with botto without knowing the Ethereum blockchain. For that, you will require an Ethereum wallet. Here is how to get your Ethereum wallet.

The first step is to download and get the browser extension. The most preferred extension is the metal mask. Here is how you set up the metamask.

  • Firstly, install the metamask
  • Then you set up the wallet
  • Then, the most crucial thing you need to know is to back up the Ethereum wallet
  • You can use this address to get the refunds

You can install and download the metamask browser extension through the link

Here are some tips to store your block-chain safely

  • You have to save the backup so that you can have multiple choices.
  • You should never share the password or phrase with anyone under any circumstances.
  • You have to be careful while phishing. The metal mask will never ask for your seed phrase. If it does, then remove it immediately.
  • You can also backup your seed phrase through security, which is available in the settings.
  • You can get instant support from the metamask community.

After setting up the Ethereum wallet, you have to get your hands on ether, which is also called ETH. You will require it for network fees to interact with the Botto. There is not a single way to get the ether. We will tell you about the two ways:

  1. Bank and card transit

This is one of the easiest ways to get in transit. However, it can take around two business days to get your ether in your wallet. Here are the steps to follow:

  • You have to visit the transit app.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay
  • Select the currency in which amount should be paid
  • Select your preferred bank. You can also do a credit card payment.
  • Lastly, click the buy button, and the ETH will arrive in your wallet within two business days.
  1. Coinbase

Another way to get Ethereum is to create an account on the coin base. You can deposit currencies like dollars and euros, once you set up the account. Then these currencies can be converted into the ether. These ether you will transfer into your Ethereum wallet.

Funding your Ethereum wallet is crucial. After this step, you will need botto tokens.

You can help in training the botto algorithm by giving your vote for your favorite art piece. In other to do that, you will require botto tokens. It is rather a straightforward process. After you fund your Ethereum wallet, you can head towards the uni swap. It is a perfect app to exchange tokens with one another. You will exchange the ETH with Botto tokens. Lastly, you will stake the acquired botto using the botto app, which will generate the voting points. You can use these voting points to vote on your favorite art.