The concept of the delta 8 flower has gained tremendous popularity in the past years. Though using the dab rig is quite simple, a person should have an idea regarding the complete steps that will help a person use the rig in the best possible way. For this, the person will have to collect the various equipments to complete the procedure.

Pieces Of Equipment To Set Up The Dab Rig

To perform the procedure in the best way, first of all, a person should have an idea regarding various equipment that he will require. Let us discuss in detail various equipment:

  • Dab rig
  • Dabber
  • Oil concentrate
  • Torch to provide heat
  • A bowl full of water
  • Alcohol for cleaning purpose
  • Nail

If the person has these essential elements in the starting, he will be able to use the dab rig in the nest ways.

How To Use The Dab Rig?

Now we will discuss in detail the various steps that will help a person use the dab tig in the best way.

  1. Water The Chamber

In the starting, the person will have to add the water to the chamber of the dab rig. Here the person who uses the equipment should try to blow it downstream so that it can lead to a water bubble. Then, if the person notices that the water is splashing in the mouth, he can pour out some parts.

  1. Prepare The Dab

The person will, at this step, have to carry the dabbler and then add a small amount of the herbal concentrate. A person can keep the mixture aside for a certain period.

  1. Heat The Dab Rig Nail

At this step, the person will have to heat the nail with the heat of the torch. A person here has to keep in mind that they keep the flame away from the rig all the time. If the person is not careful, there might be a crack seen in the glass. Next, a person will have to heat the nail till its color changes to red. After it attains the color, then the person can wait for a period of 45 minutes.

  1. Wait For The Period

Waiting is equally essential in the complete procedure as the performance of the process. First of all, the person has to wait to get the nail get of the red color and then wait for it to cool down to reach the specific goal. If the person is going through the procedure for the first time, he can experiment with time.

  1. Place The Oil On The Nail.

Once the nail has been cooled down to a certain extent, the person can drop the oil around the nail with the help of the want. Next, the person should rub the end of the wand containing the oil to reach each end of the nail.

  1. Inhale Through The Mouthpiece

As the concentrate melts, the person will notice some vapors filling in the glass. The person can then inhale the favorable herb that will come out downstream. The person can continue to inhale until he sees any kind of vapors in the chambers.

  1. Exhale And Repeat

When the person notices that the color is clear, he can lower the rig and exhale the smoke. Then, as per the requirement, the person can heat the nail and insert the oil.

  1. Clean The Equipment

If the person wants to use the equipment for an extended period, then it will be the best option for the person to clean the machine properly with the help of the alcohol. There are various ways through which a person can just clean the wand and the nails:

  • The first option is to heat the nail properly with the help of the torch so that the residues can be eliminated
  • Another method is applicable only for the low-temperature dabs

These are the easy steps that a person can follow who are planning to smoke through the dab rig. As the person follows the expert, he will be an expert with time. If you want change in your taste then try lucky strike click.


Benefits Of The Dabbing

There is not just a single benefit that dabbing provides to the users. Various benefits will make the usage of the procedure best. Let us discuss and detail the various benefits of smoking through the process are as follows:

  • The Immersion: The person can set up the complete equipment and just show off the option to the friends and the family members. Even the person can enjoy the process of heating and inhaling.
  • Easier On The Lungs: If the person smokes directly, it will affect the person’s health. But, on the other hand, if the person uses the instrument for the smoking purpose, the person will get a better effect on the lungs. Therefore, it will help the person live a life without stress.

Is Dabbing A Safe Option?

When a person starts with a new procedure, the thing that strikes his mind is its safety. No doubt inhaling any kind of substance will prove to be dangerous for people. But if the person prefers to smoke directly, it will be more hazardous for the people than the one with the equipment. In the case of the comparison, dabbing will prove a safe option.

What Is The Best Dabbing Temperature?

It is a procedure in which heating plays a crucial role. A person should always have an idea regarding the accurate temperature to get the best results. During the dabbing procedure, a person should keep the temperature between 400 – 550 F. at this temperature; the person will get the best flavor.

If the temperature is lower than this limit, it will meet the concentrate completely. But, on the other hand, the higher temperature will lead the person to get exposed to dangerous chemicals that can hurt the person.


Hopefully, it is clear that smoking through the dab rigs will be a better option than smoke directly. In case the person consumes smoke directly, then it will have an adverse effect on the health of the person in the long run.