Henley tees have been one of the most popular styles for decades, and many guys consider it a wardrobe staple.

This collarless t-shirt with a button placket going down the neck and collarbone started and was worn as an undergarment by 19th-century laborers and athletic rowers before it appeared in clothing stores.

Usually made from soft fabric such as Pima cotton, cotton blends, and even cashmere, Henley is comfortable, but is it attractive?

This debate is one of the most widespread in the fashion community, and today, we’ll try to find an answer!

Henleys in Fashion 

It wasn’t until the 1970s that Henleys were taken out of the undergarment and athletic clothing world and tossed into the fashion limelight.

It was the legendary Ralph Lauren who noticed this tee and decided to take the gamble. Well, he’s a fashion legend for a reason because the seventies men fell in love with the Henley!

However, while it was finally socially acceptable to wear this t-shirt on its own, it took a minute for Heneleys to reach peak popularity.

As usual, popular culture, movies, and television played a role in promoting the shirt to the masses. By the 90s, Henleys were everywhere.

Sexy 90s, 00s and 10s

If there was a sexy and cool character in a movie or a TV show, there was a good chance he wore a Henley shirt.

From 90s teen shows to 00s rock bands like Nickleback to the most famous vampires in shows and movies like “The Twilight” and “Vampire diaries,” the Henley symbolized hotness.

Adding fuel to the fire, the 10s were a decade when the reigning heartthrobs like Ryan Gossling, Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Craig, and Idris Elba made the tee a staple.

The guys were undeniably good-looking with flawless bodies, and the humble Henley showed that off very well.

Still Sexy

It all seemed to be going pretty well until some fashion “gurus” proclaimed Henleys unattractive at the end of the 10s.

We’re not sure what led to this change, but it’s possible that the tee became oversaturated, and people were tired of it and not that it actually looked bad.

Henleys are undoubtedly attracive on most guys, especially when you choose the right fit and quality of the shirt. We love Fresh Clean Tees and their stylish Henleys.

Need more proof that Henleys are attractive? We’ve got rock-solid arguments about why every guy should have at least a few of them in their arsenal.

The Receipts 

Yes, Henleys are attractive, but the one mistake many guys make is not choosing the right size or fit for their body type.

Make sure your tee is neither too tight nor too bagy as you want it to hug your body but not outline every nook and crannie. The only time you may want to skip Henleys altogether is if you have a ton of hair peeking out of the collar. Sorry!

Comfort is sexy 

Henley tees are some of the most comfortable shirts you’ll ever wear, and comfort is sexy! Nobody likes a guy pulling or tugging their clothes, and Henely’s soft and stretchy fabric and neckline allow the body to breathe and move freely.


The beauty of a well-chosen Henley is that it is super flattering to the body. It shows off just the right amount and highlights the chest, shoulders, and hands. Yes, please.

Fun & Exciting 

A guy who’s not afraid to take risks and experiment is attractive. So if you’re open to switching things up and storing away your classic crews at least sometimes, you’ve got it!

Henleys are super easy to style, so we encourage everyone to take the chance and invest in a few new outfits.