We are living in a digital era where electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops & tablets are a must have. We all have such electronic devices at our home & we all are dependent on these for our day to day life. Taking an example- children do their assignments & projects by taking help of these devices. They attend their online lectures & the job doing people uses laptops to their tasks allotted by their boss. Our life is incomplete without such devices. But have you ever wondered that these devices starts lagging after a period of time & at that time we are not able to use them properly & efficiently. In that situation we can’t do our work on time. 

There are different brands available in the market that launches different models of these devices to choose from. You must have found yourself in the state of confusion that which one we should buy or which one to leave? Talking about the laptops & computers we all try to buy one with a large memory to store up more data, a nice processor, a good battery life & lots of other functions of artificial intelligence. 

Things to note while buying a laptop (macbook 12in M7) –

  • Has a good battery life.
  • Small in size.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Has a good processor.
  • Have lots of functions to perform.
  • Does not lag easily.
  • Provides enough storage to its user.
  • HD Camera
  • Has a good screen display.
  • Budget friendly & eco friendly.

If you are wondering to buy a laptop that performs all the qualities mentioned above, I will suggest you to have an eye on macbook 12in m7

MacBook 12in M7 is the latest model released by apple. We all know it is the no. 1 brand or company from America. It is recognized by everyone and its each & every model is unique in itself that’s why worth the price.

What makes macbook 12in m7 different from others’?

  • The new m7 chip present in the laptop helps you to perform your work fast & more efficiently without any discomfort. 
  • Its battery life is improved.
  • Force click feature is also present for greater pressure on the track pad.
  • MacBook 12in m7 supports 2nd display that allows you to view the screen in higher resolution.
  • It has built in text to speech capabilities so if your vision is weak or you don’t want to read then this feature is a boom for you.
  • It has a HD front camera & two microphones to catch audio to make your video call experience better.
  • This new laptop comes with an aluminum shell.
  • Its capacity is 256GB or 512GB. Two variants are available.
  • It has a pixel density of 226 PPI.
  • It can last up to 10 hours once charged.
  • Its light weight & easy to carry.

Conclusion – 

Although MacBook 12in m7 is a great option for anyone who wants a light weight & easy to carry laptop that works efficiently. But its price may sound a little disturbing to some people. Some may find that the battery life doesn’t worth to buy. But if you want to extend the battery life you can extend it up to 60 watt. You can add 60 watt external battery it will increase its life span. But the only disadvantage of using this external battery is that it will increase the weight of your laptop & it would be difficult for you to carry it.