Are you a nurse looking for a change of pace? Have you been thinking of specializing in ambulatory care nursing? Daan’s Ambulatory Care Nursing program in Amersfoort, Netherlands is an ideal choice for nurses who are passionate about patient advocacy and want the flexibility of working outside a hospital. Read on to learn more about Daan’s Ambulatory Care vacancies nurse (vacaturesverpleegkundige)and why it may be the perfect fit for you.

What is Ambulatory Care Nursing?

Ambulatory care nursing is a specialty within nursing that focuses on providing medical services outside of the traditional hospital setting. This includes health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and follow-up for patients across their lifespan. Nurses working in this field are responsible for not only providing direct patient care but also teaching patients how to manage their own health conditions.

The Benefits of Working at Daan

Daan’s Ambulatory Care Nursing program offers nurses many benefits over traditional hospital settings. First, ambulatory care nurses have more autonomy than those working in hospitals because they can make decisions about patient care without seeking approval from physicians or other healthcare professionals. Second, ambulatory care nurses get to know their patients over time since most appointments are scheduled regularly and the same nurse sees the same patient each time. This allows nurses to build relationships with their patients and better understand their needs and preferences. Lastly, ambulatory care nurses have greater flexibility as they can work part-time or full-time depending on their availability and schedule demands.

What Does Daan Offer?

The Ambulatory Care Nursing program at Daan offers an excellent opportunity for experienced nurses who want to specialize in ambulatory care. The program provides comprehensive classroom instruction as well as hands-on training under the supervision of experienced professionals so that students can gain real-world experience before taking on responsibilities in the field. The curriculum emphasizes clinical skills such as history taking, physical assessments, diagnostic testing interpretation, medication management, health education counseling and communication skills development along with ethics and legal issues related to healthcare practice. Students will also learn how to provide preventive services such as immunizations, screenings and health maintenance exams while developing their own individual style of practice.

Those who pass will receive certification as a Certified Professional Nurse – Ambulant (CNP-A). The CNP-A credential demonstrates competency in ambulatory care nursing practice both domestically within Netherlands and internationally throughout Europe and beyond should they choose to seek employment abroad after graduation. After passing their certification exams students may apply for positions either within DAAN or within other organizations offering ambulatory care services around Netherlands or abroad if desired. For those interested in furthering their education after graduation there is even an opportunity to pursue advanced standing master’s degree programs such as Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN-FNP) or Master of Science in Nursing – Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (MSN-AGPCNP).

These programs allow graduates to continue building upon knowledge gained during undergraduate studies while achieving higher professional qualifications that open up new career opportunities both domestically within Netherlands and internationally throughout Europe should graduates choose to seek employment abroad after graduating from these advanced standing master’s degree programs.

At Daan in Amersfoort, we are dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare for our patients. Our ambulatory care nurses play a vital role in making this happen. In this article, we will explore the responsibilities of an ambulatory care nurse and how they help ensure our patients receive the highest standards of care.

What does an Ambulatory Care Nurse do?

The primary responsibility of an ambulatory care nurse is to provide medical services and post-operative care in a non-hospital setting. This means that they can offer nursing support without the patient having to stay overnight in a hospital or clinic. These nurses are often responsible for providing assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and education services to patients who have recently been discharged from hospital or who have been referred by their primary medical practitioner.

At Daan in Amersfoort, our ambulatory care nurses provide comprehensive assessments and treatments to all patients referred by their doctor or specialist. They also have extensive knowledge and experience working with a wide range of conditions such as diabetes, chronic pain management, mental health issues, cancer treatments, wound care and more. In addition, they are responsible for monitoring any changes or developments within their area of expertise so that they can provide up-to-date advice and support to our patients on any new treatments available.

The Role of an Ambulatory Care Nurse at Daan in Amersfoort also includes providing educational support to both patients and their family members on how to manage their condition effectively following discharge from hospital or following referrals from a GP or specialist. Our nurses are experienced at liaising with other healthcare professionals including GPs and specialists so that the patient’s overall health plan is comprehensive and well managed. They will work closely with each individual patient to develop customised plans that address specific needs while promoting self-care strategies so that the patient can become more independent over time as they learn how to better manage their own condition.


If you are searching for an exciting new challenge that combines personal autonomy with flexible scheduling options then consider becoming an Ambulatory Care Nurse at Daan’s Ambulatory Care Nursing Program located in Amersfoort! Not only will you have access to comprehensive classroom instruction as well as hands-on training but you’ll also be eligible to take national certification exams offered by DAAN/NVVV upon completion! Plus there’s always potential opportunities available after graduation such as pursuing advanced standing master’s degrees like MSN-FNP or MSN-AGPCNP which opens up new career options both domestically within Netherlands or internationally throughout Europe! So why wait any longer? Become an Ambulatory Care Nurse today!

At Daan in Amersfoort, we understand the importance of providing quality healthcare services that meet each patient’s individual needs while promoting independence through self-care strategies. Our team of highly skilled ambulatory care nurses play an essential role in helping us achieve this goal by providing comprehensive assessments, treatment plans and educational support to our patients while working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals where necessary. We are proud of our team of dedicated nurses who work hard every day to ensure that our patients receive the best possible outcomes for their health.