If you have invested hours playing Solitaire, you will surely like Spider Solitaire. The latter offers you more challenges, especially when you play it online. You can compete against real-life opponents across the globe and even partake in tournaments to win money. Furthermore, the game features a countdown timer, and you need to solve the deck before the timer runs out. 

The game is a great activity to help you enhance your memory skills, entertain you and soothe your mind. If you are intrigued about learning about Spider Solitaire, here’s a complete guide on how you can play Spider Solitaire online and become a winner. 

First, download the app on your device 

First and foremost, you need to download the Spider Solitaire app on your smartphone. Some apps can be downloaded and installed straight away from the App Store or the Google App Store. Alternatively, there are gaming websites where you need to enter your phone number, get a download link and install the game on your device. 

Whatever option you choose, the instructions are straightforward, and you shouldn’t have any trouble installing the game on your device. 

Second, choose the type of Spider Solitaire game you wish to play 

Spider Solitaire might not be as daunting as a game of Bridge, but the game is still considered one of the most challenging games you can play. Typically every match is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards, minus the Jokers. There are different levels of the game. 

The easiest level is the one-suit Spider Solitaire. In this version, you will play the game with a single deck, and there’s only a single color and suit in play. 

In the intermediate level, gamers play the two-suit Spider Solitaire. As you can understand from its name, two suits are in play. Players need to match all the black and red suits together to win the game. 

The four-suit Spider Solitaire is considered for the advanced players because all four suits and colors are in play. Completing the game means players have to match and move all eight suits (two of each). 

However, the one-suit Spider Solitaire is widely played in the online world. Players love the game because it is easier to solve when there’s an opponent to beat, and it is also a race against time. 

Third, learn the game’s rules 

Before you start playing the game, it is essential to learn the rules. It is a skill-based game, and without following the rules, you cannot assemble the cards into relevant sequences to transfer to the foundation pile. 

You will see the foundation pile, the stockpile, and the tableaus on the virtual game board. While the tableaus usually consist of ten piles, the fast-paced versions have only four piles with five face-forward cards. The remaining cards are added to the stockpile, and you can tap this pile whenever you have run out of moves. 

You can only move the face-forward cards from one tableau to the next. The game’s objective is to form a set of thirteen cards in ascending order. You need to transfer the set to the foundation pile when you have arranged the cards. 

Fourth, know some of the game’s strategies to have an upper hand 

  • Create empty columns as early as you can

In Spider Solitaire, empty columns are valuable, and you will get a greater chance of maneuvering if you keep these columns open. These columns are used as temporary storage where you can keep the cards when you are arranging them in proper sequences of thirteen cards. It would be best to look for opportunities early in the game to create empty columns. 

  • Ensure you have a King card for the empty column 

Emptying the column with a King card is not a great idea because you can only place a King in these vacant areas. Without this card, the vacant column will remain until you get a King card. 

  • Utilize the undo button

On your virtual game board, you will notice the undo button at the bottom of the screen. It would be best not to hesitate to use the button whenever you have played a wrong move. The undo function is beneficial in determining how different movements impact the game’s outcome. 

  • Tap the submit button if the deck is unsolvable 

Not every Spider Solitaire game is solvable, and you might encounter such a game when competing against an opponent. You need to quickly move the possible cards and then hit the submit button. As you hit the submit button, you get a timer bonus, which might make a huge difference in the final score against your opponent. 

  • If there’s a hint button, use it 

In most online Spider Solitaire matches, you will come across a hint button. The hint button is valuable, and you must be careful when to use it. If you find yourself stuck and cannot think of a way out, tap on the hint button and find viable moves that you might have missed. The hint and undo buttons are helpful when you cannot progress in the game. 

The bottom line 

So, this is a guide to help you start your Spider Solitaire journey. After applying these basics, you must play many free practice games to sharpen your skills. You can even observe your opponents notice the strategies implemented by them. Once you are confident, partake in tournaments and earn money.