It’s becoming more challenging to discover photos without motivational phrases these days. You can find a relevant quotation to help you through the day if you’re on Instagram, Pinterest, or the internet. You don’t require any design expertise to create your own, though. You may make quotations with Android applications and post them on Social media Platforms. You may freely communicate your opinions with high-quality photographs and quotes from well-known writers. These applications will allow you to add your phrases, famous statements, or poetry to pictures.

ThinkPeak Studio

Quotes Creator by ThinkPeak Studio is a renowned and feature-rich program. You can quickly switch between quote subcategories to discover the perfect quotation for your photographs and add more references using your chosen design to keep your social media applications consistent. You may create unique and viral quotes to encourage others online by combining different typefaces and backgrounds. You may crop and add overlays to photographs using the image editing tool to obtain your desired outcomes.

2.  text gram

Users type a phrase in the box and adorn it with the options concealed behind the icon at the bottom of the interface to make a quotation using Textgram. Users will be able to select from various templates to make their messages more readable and appealing. Use the library’s many emoticons and memes to embellish your picture further and scale it by utilizing hand motions. The text reflecting function, which operates with a slider command, is popular among users. This software has been designed to run well on tablet devices as well. Download this for free from this website.

3.  Jusgramm

You’ll find a broad selection of editing choices on this user-friendly application, including around 70 decorations, 70 backdrops, and 25 typefaces, to allow you to make your statement more stunning. The majority of the text editing is adequate, but the most significant drawback is that you cannot use your photographs as backdrops. It enables immediate posting not just on Instagram but also on Twitter and Facebook. A few users have also reported that this software produces blurred photographs and that decals are occasionally placed incorrectly. It’s worth noting that this software hasn’t been upgraded in a long time, so there may be some compatibility issues.

4.  Picture Quotes

Another good quote builder with a simple interface is Picture Quotes and Generator. You can make inspirational quotations with any backdrop by adding captions and words to photographs. Nevertheless, if you want to use the app’s background pictures, you’ll need to pay for the subscription model. The freeware version includes features such as text shadowing patterns, numerous layers, and the ability to rotate text to match your taste. You may post your quotes on social networks with only one click.

5.  Quotes Maker

The quote maker application is well-designed and has a user-friendly UI for swiftly creating quotations. It includes a variety of quotes from well-known authors, entertainers, and public people that may be used for any occasion. You can customize your quotes using a variety of fonts, emoticons, and attractive decorations, and you can store your creation and reuse the templates to create new quotes to post online. You can send private note to any person and after reading by reader, it will automatically destructed.

6.  Image quote

The Image Quote app is designed for android phones. It has various complex editing options that allow users to effortlessly change the colors, fonts, and backgrounds of their quotations. Professionals prefer this program for making personalized watermarks and emblems on photographs that represent their business. With this editor, you’ll get access to various inventive in-app purchases; all of the outstanding capabilities operate on platforms like the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. Many novices have already tried this software and are pleased with its dynamic process, which results in clean and crisp photographs for Instagram postings.

7.  Piclab

With a fantastic array of motifs, backgrounds, patterns, illumination FX, and more, you’ll be able to apply various picture effects. With this tool, you’ll be able to use masks and overlaying to your photographs and a variety of other entertaining features. PicLab’s numerous text surface editing tools might help you make your quotation photos more appealing. Application developers update this system regularly. Therefore you can anticipate this quote generator tool to work well.

8.  Text on photo square

Still, the most intriguing aspect is that it also enables users to add quotations to movies. To attract the interest of Insta followers, submit your video and combine an encouraging phrase with a nice aesthetic look. However, the main drawback to this program is that it inserts a huge watermark at the bottom of the picture, which may cause users to become distracted. You may, however, upgrade to the premium version to remove the obnoxious watermark. This authoring tool also provides several in-app purchase choices that are affordable and convenient.


Quotes are an excellent approach to motivating and expressing your thoughts with others. With these quote creator apps, you may build beautiful quotations to post on your favorite social networking applications. You can select photographs from the app’s constructed galleries or take a unique photo with your phone.