Dubai is very popular for its vibrant and exceptional lifestyle. The city is every traveler’s dream, with its location at the center of the global map. It is also widely accessed by visitors from all over the world for short-term stays or vacations. In 2022, Dubai has witnessed increased tourists following the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions globally and a decrease in its impact. Read on for seven reasons why Dubai is the ultimate vacation destination in 2022.


One of Dubai’s main sources of pride is its breathtaking and seemingly incomparable architectural marvels such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Frame, the Ain Dubai and the record-breaking Jeddah Tower as well. No matter where you stroll in this magnificent city, you will always come across a piece of design or architecture you love. There are many opportunities for a nice vacation selfie in the city, which is essentially picture-perfect.

The Gold Souk

The incredible Gold Souk is popular for its dozens of jewelry shops selling gold, precious stones and silver. It is found in the older part of Dubai and stands in stark contrast to the modern regions of the city. The traditional market is straightforward; however, you will discover some of the most incredible jewelry creations when you start window shopping. The most surprising thing is that the expensive jewelry is not guarded by security personnel at any establishments. 

The Desert

Most people who travel to the city do a desert safari almost every time they are there. It is thrilling to spend a day on the dunes and travel through breathtaking rocks and sand panoramas, all while leaving civilization behind. Tourists can also camp at night, sit around a fire in the cool desert air and sleep under the stars. 

Magical Miracle Gardens

It is unlikely for Dubai to have any vegetation considering its climate and location. However, anybody will be surprised by these stunning gardens. Driving around Dubai during the winter, when flowers bloom, allows visitors to witness the vibrant and stunning gardens in the city’s center. The Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-see for nature lovers as it has notable sculptures built entirely of flowers that resemble castles and aircraft.

Incredible Food

There is no question that Dubai is a customized food lover’s paradise. In this city, every culture is represented in terms of food. When you visit Dubai, consider enjoying delicious meals from various cultures, including Chinese, Korean, Pakistani, Japanese, Indian, Iranian, Afghani and Moroccan, among others.

Cultural Diversity

Visiting Dubai is like travelling to any other global region as it has residents from every culture. Cultural diversity in Dubai is impressive, with about 85% of its population being expatriates. It offers a level of cultural interaction rarely experienced anywhere else. The city offers the greatest anthropological experiences since it allows visitors to travel the entire world from one place.

Night Life

The nightclubs and bars in this city are the main attraction for individuals who enjoy nightlife and partying. Bars are open nightly and have various themes and styles to cater to all customers. This city does not have a single night off, thanks to shows such as Cirque Le Soir.