Instagram was considered to be the best place to communicate with others and post photos and videos, but nowadays it has become the main marketing tool for businesses to promote their brand online. 

And it is easy to see why—there are two billion active users on the platform, giving organizations the perfect opportunity to spread the word about their business and effectively market their brand.

However, in order to reap all the benefits the platform offers, you need to first develop a strong marketing strategy that will help you gain more Instagram followers, boost your engagement, and increase your sales. 

To help you along, we’ve compiled a list of five useful tips to help you get more followers and grow your business on Instagram. 

Effectively use hashtags

If you are looking for a way to increase your following base on Instagram, then using relevant hashtags is the best way to go. This will make it easier for people to find what they are looking for on the platform, such as the product or service you are offering, which will most likely lead them to your account, increasing your brand awareness and sales.

If you need help finding the best hashtags, you can work with third-party services that offer the best free Instagram tools, such as a hashtag generator to get the right keywords and optimize your content strategy.  

Create engaging posts

Probably the simplest Instagram marketing tip you should follow to build a strong online presence on the platform is to create engaging posts. After all, Instagram is a photo and video-based application which requires high-quality content that will help you get more interactions on the channel.

Remember to post different types of content so your followers can get more variety. For this, you can follow the rule of thirds which indicates that one-third of your content should promote your business, the second third should interact with your followers and the remaining third should share other people’s content.

Post at the right time

Another effective Instagram marketing tip you should follow is to post at the right time. This is because the platform usually shows the latest posts at the top, so if you don’t post when your audience is active, there is a great chance they might not see your content at all. 

According to social media statistics, the best time to post on Instagram is in the morning between Tuesday and Friday. This is because most people check their phones first thing in the morning when they wake up, which will definitely help you get maximum engagement. 

Add an Instagram shop to your account

If you are an eCommerce business, then social media experts recommend that you add an Instagram shop to your account. This will help you showcase your product and services catalog on the platform which will further help you reach new customers and boost your sales.

To do this, you need to add the “View Shop” button on your Instagram profile page where your visitors can see your products and pricing information and make a purchase even without leaving the platform.

Collaborate with influencers

If you are looking for an effective way to raise brand awareness and even increase your following base on Instagram, then you should consider partnering up with influencers. These can be style icons, bloggers, or celebrities, all of which have a large audience and will help you get more followers and interactions on the platform.

The best thing about working with influencers is that you can do it no matter how big your business is. In fact, influencer marketing is one of the main marketing strategies for small businesses that are looking to promote their brand and reach new and organic customers fast.

Final thoughts

Although there are many social media platforms businesses can use to promote their brand online, Instagram seems to be the most commonly preferred one today. The channel offers plenty of features, creative possibilities, and targeting opportunities, all of which can help you market your brand effectively and increase your following base.

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