If you are on social media, then you have surely seen posters for movies or TV shows. They are so popular that everyone has one in their room to show off their interests. Well other than just being a wall decoration, these poster prints can be used for Instagram marketing as well. Today I will share with you 12 reasons why using poster print for your Instagram might help boost your online presence!

Here are 11 reasons why you should use a poster maker for your Instagram marketing

1- Make an Impact Using a Digital Poster Maker

Use it as a Wall Hanging

People love putting things up on walls and showing it off to people they meet, and what better way is there than through photos? A stylish-looking picture of yourself posing in front of your face hanging on the wall will make a great impression. Your posts can gain some serious likes and followers!

2- Different Perspective

Get Down Low and Pose in Front of It

Sometimes we get tired of taking photos from the same angle, but getting down on your knees to take a selfie with your wall hanging might be what you need for a change. Shooting at different angles is always refreshing; it keeps everyone interested in your feed!

3- Great for Urbex Shots

Urbex or urban exploring is basically finding new places that are abandoned such as warehouses, factories, etc. and why not add an ‘urban’ touch to our social media by posing against walls? This kind of shot is often seen in the feeds of photographers and explorers because it gives people a whole different perspective to look at!

4- It’s Easy to Share When You Use a Custom Poster Maker

Put Up the Social Button At the Top

If you haven’t noticed, Instagram lets you share to other sites like Facebook or Twitter. You can do this by simply clicking on the buttons above your post. So what better way is there than putting it right smack in your face? People might actually click on them if they see it so obviously displayed!

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5- Great for Snapshots

A clean shot is a good shot, meaning there should be no distractions from the face itself. This means going for a simple background or going bare on your background. A poster face gives you a clean canvas to work with!

6- Planning Ahead is Key (Make This Easy and Use a Poster Making Website)

Plan What You’ll Put Up Beforehand

This might be the most important part of this entire article because if you want something printed, trust me it won’t happen overnight! This means planning ahead and getting your hands on a decent printer. Since this will be for Instagram purposes, there’s no need to go all out with an expensive printer that prints heavy posters.

7- Cheaper Alternative to Make Money from Instagram Ads

Posting ads is still a great way to make money off social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, but why not post ads on your own photos? Some companies are now offering this service and if you’re lucky enough to be targeted, then it will hopefully land in your feed and lead to some sales! demand generation

8- Instagram Ads Work Too!

Pro Tip: Set the Poster Up as a Follower Goal for Followers

This works well if you have a lot of followers and not so many likes. This way, when someone comments or likes, they’ll get a notification that tells them they need to follow you. For every 20 followers from this day forward, you’ll post a photo of your new wall print hanging somewhere in public. It’s like an ad within an ad!

9- Use a Poster Maker for PC and Give People the ‘WOW’ Factor

Posters are great for making a statement it can easily grab attention even from a distance! This is the perfect way to get more people to like and comment on your post. It can be as simple as saying “I got this printed out for my Instagram, help me gain some more followers by following me” or something along those lines.

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10- Students Love ’em

Put One Up at School and Get Noticed By Everyone Around You

If you’re currently still in school (college/high school), make sure you put up an insta-poster at school that reads something like “so close yet so far from 1k followers”. Make it look really nice of course; do some research online on how to make a cool-looking poster with very little money involved.

11- Personalize Your Photos

Upload a Photo of Yourself and Make it Your Poster Background

This one might be a little dangerous, but why not get your hands dirty? Take a photo of yourself and upload it as background for your poster. This way you’ll see the final product before anyone else does! You can make it look really cool by adding custom filters from apps like Afterlight or VSCO Cam.


Sometimes we go crazy when uploading photos to Instagram; there are so many things going on in one picture which is basically taking up all the space on our phones.

Posters teach us to keep it simple since you don’t want too much, just the right amount of things going on for that perfect Instagram picture. You don’t want to mix up your Instagram with a poster… Maybe that would be the next big thing? Whatever you do, make sure it’s worth looking at!